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The SD Project began simply as a vision to seek out young members of my local community who's life struggles prevented their participation in sports. The goal being to allow these athletes to experience the opportunities, personal growth and life lessons that sports teaches our youth in so many ways.


We began reaching out to family, friends, former teammates and coaches over the years. Their donations of equipment and monetary support allowed us to have the means to supply needy children with sporting equipment. By word of mouth, we began finding families in our community in economic distress and children afflicted with mental or physical disabilities that were preventing them from playing team sports.


Our success over the years has allowed the SD Project to help hundreds of players in many communities across the world. We have evolved our community based charity into a global non-profit.  Our efforts are personal; we deliver equipment as well as hope to the front door of whoever is in need and wherever it is needed. We take pride in the fact that this small, local organization has been able to springboard over the years into a far-reaching charity. Now that the organization is a 501(c)(3), we are poised to expand into a larger community and corporate sponsorships. That will allow us to support many more deserving players, fulfilling our mission to bring hope to those who may have lost their own.


I have been blessed to have experienced sports in a community and family that supported my dreams and allowed me to develop my passion and talent into a career. So many similar teammates and coaching partners that I have met along the way agree and support this mission. It is my time to give back in a way that will allow others not experiencing the support I had to also reach their dream, potential and find the joy only sports can provide, I sincerely hope that you feel the same and join this opportunity to help change lives across the globe!

Thank you for all of your support!

Sam DiMatteo

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