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Dominican Republic

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Sam and former teammates Adam Links, Casey Teagarden, Jacob Fabry and Richie Serritella will be flying from all different parts of the country to meet at Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic on May 7th, 2018. The guys have been collecting new and used gear for the past 3 months to deliver to youth athletes who are stuck living in poverty stricken communities.  They will be teaming up with an organization called FCA (Fellowship Christian Athletes). This connection allows them to teach and coach over 300 kids on a daily basis, teaching them baseball skills as well as life skills throughout their stay.  The obvious mission here is to bring hope, happiness and strength through their presence as coaches, also coming equipped with as much gear as they can to give these kids the necessities they need to play the game they love!

Any donations will help greatly in the supplying of baseball equipment, or if you have equipment you would like to donate, please contact Sam directly to confirm.


ONE MONTH AWAY 😈😈😈 - - Thank you to our @underarmour rep and to an organization called Roberto’s Kids for loading me up. Also Pat McDanel Ali Pokorny Pj Lanzi and Palm Springs Power Roberto's Kids


We wouldn’t last a week in these kids shoes. Another humbling reality check. - Fight until you can’t fight anymore

My new brothers, words can’t describe what my eyes have seen.


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