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The Brenes Family

The Brenes family has grown up without their father due to a tragic car accident they were in over ten years ago. The mother, Letty Brenes, has raised her 3 boys on her own and has raised them well with the help of her extended family. I spoke with Letty and she is a humble strong woman who explained to me how times still get tough financially .

Christian “Tutu” Brenes was invited to showcase his football skills in Australia but the trip costing $4,500 and the deadline approaching, the mother told me it wasn’t looking good. The have been fundraising and selling homemade food plates in attempt to make this trip possible but still were a ways out.

No more worries my new friends, we are honored to give Christian the last $1,500 needed to keep his dream alive!!!!

Rip heads off Tutu and never give up hope!!



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