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Sam and former teammates Adam Links, Casey Teagarden, Jacob Fabry and Richie Serritella will be flying from all different parts of the country to meet at Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic on May 7th, 2018. The guys have been collecting new and used gear for the past 3 months to deliver to youth athletes who are stuck living in poverty stricken communities.  They will be teaming up with an organization called FCA (Fellowship Christian Athletes). This connection allows them to teach and coach over 300 kids on a daily basis, teaching them baseball skills as well as life skills throughout their stay.  The obvious mission here is to bring hope, happiness and strength through their presence as coaches, also coming equipped with as much gear as they can to give these kids the necessities they need to play the game they love!


Any donations will help greatly in the supplying of baseball equipment, or if you have equipment you would like to donate, please contact Sam directly to confirm.


The Indio Boxing Club has become a second home to the Contreras brothers. They come from a family of 6, forcing the mother to stay at home to care for the youngest two and the father facing struggles non stop for years and years to provide the necessities for his family.

Any young athlete that is watching this , look at the fight in their faces and eyes. Understand that when an athlete is going after a dream it doesn't require nice shoes, nice clothes, nice things. It requires a heart too big for your body. It requires dedication and discipline and sometimes it requires the support from others around you to keep you on track and to keep you headed in the right direction.

To the Contreras Brothers. From us here at the SD Project we say to you....Stick together as brothers, always fight for each other in and out of the ring and hold on to your dream tight. $1,500 was used on new boxing gear to get these boys caught up!! 


There wasn't too much to smile about on this trip. The hurricane left Jace's house and the neighborhood he grew up in, destroyed.  As water filled the house, Jace and his family were forced to swim to the roof, hanging on to each other so no one would be swept away. They huddled together on the roof for 5 hours until a helicopter and boats saved their family. This family lost everything. I thought bringing Jace new clothes, shoes, etc. and helping clean up some of the wreckage would be a big help, but when seeing what this family is up against I felt truly over-matched.


That face is why this exists. A little kid named Tony Walker came walking into my life about 2 weeks ago at Premier Fitness & Boxing Club , when he came up to me and introduced himself as “Tony Macaroni” Tony lives with his mother in Aliquippa, PA and battles against a speech impediment. Tony has some good mentors involved with a program in Aliquippa that makes sure these kids get the opportunity to stay involved with sports and keeps kids off the streets as well. To keep Tony moving in the right direction and to motivate him we presented him $700 worth of new gear. You have a bunch of new fans over here at the SD PROJECT Tony, go get em bud !!! 

After seeing videos of children playing with homemade soccer balls and playing with tires and sticks, we wanted to get involved as soon as we could. Special thanks to Under Armour in donating over 40 pairs of soccer spikes and uniforms! 

In May 2016, Sam DiMatteo and Richie Seritella brought 400lbs of baseball equipment to the Medellin Cubs down in Colombia where each player received gloves, spikes, shoes and an official SD Project T-shirt!

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