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    Celebrating over 5 years

The SD Project

Our Mission

The SD Project seeks out at risk athletes throughout the United States and abroad who are hindered by the repercussions of poverty, or those who battle mental or physical disability.  We show up at the doorstep to deliver strength, hope, support and the necessary equipment to keep young struggling athletes dreams alive.

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Thank you for all the donations and support to make this trip an unforgettable experience. Words can't describe what we saw.

The Adam Bender Story

A blessing to meet a true superhero in the sports world. Any kid young or old who is battling a certain situation, look at what is possible when you never give in and ruthlessly chase your dream regardless of what you are up against!

Why Sports?


Sports provide an escape for youth of all ages, teaching them the power of teamwork while building self-esteem. The SD Project feels that each kid should have the opportunity and means to participate in sports regardless the struggle that they face. We provide a healthy way to cope with whatever life brings their way. 

Why get involved with The SD Project?

The SD Project uses the universal lessons of sport to implement change in the lives of youth through coaching, mentoring and lasting support. When life pushes these young athletes down, we encourage them to #StayUp.

Video Spotlight

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